Commercial & Industrial

GSW-IS provides fiber, protection and control, protective relay, apparatus testing and commissioning, infrared thermographic survey, engineering studies, and circuit breaker (primary and secondary) current injection – in shop and on-site.

General Capabilities: Design; Acceptance and Maintenance Testing; Protective Relay Systems Testing; Circuit Breaker Testing and Installation; Transformer Testing and Installation; Transformer Oil Processing Services; Insulating Fluids Sample and Analysis; Repair Services; Engineering and System Studies; 70E Arc Flash Studies; Coordination Studies; Relay/Protection System Studies

Electrical Testing – Relays: Electromechanical; Digital Microprocessor; Relay Settings; Schematics; Protection Scheme Evaluations; End-to-End Testing; Fault Simulations

Electrical Testing – Circuit Breakers and Switches: Commissioning; Timing; Travel Analysis; Primary and Secondary Current Injection

Electrical Testing – Transformers: Power Factor; Sweep Frequency Response Analysis; Leakage Reactence

Electrical Testing – Cables: Partial Discharge Testing; Power Factor; AC/DC Hi-Potential Testing; Very Low Frequency (VLF) Testing; Fault Location

Electrical Testing – SCADA and Communications: Commissioning; Power Line Carrier; Reprogramming; Reliability Tests; Integration and Upgrades; Digital Fault Recorders; Ground Grid Testing; Battery Testing; UPS Acceptance Testing; Digital Fault Recorder (DFR) Set-up

Service and Maintenance: Substations; Oil Handling; Transformers; Circuit Breakers and Switches