GSW-IS Construction Management Services

GSW Integrated Services provides complete construction management services to electric utilities and private developers. Our approaches are proven and reputable managing and supporting projects of every size, scope, and magnitude. We offer an innovative team of experts capable of providing optimal solutions, and have the resources necessary to successfully manage your project.

Capacities: Staff Augmentation, Owners Representation, Dedicated On-Site Representation

Our capabilities include:

Pre-Job Briefings – We participate in meetings at the project site prior to any construction.  Attendees include all team members, including client project representatives. Goals are to ensure understanding of all aspects of the project, introduce team members, and address issues prior to construction. Generally, meetings include but are not limited to the following considerations:

  • Safety Plan and Expectations
  • Environmental Considerations/Expectations
  • Site Constraints
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Subcontractor Status
  • Communication Protocols
  • Incident Reporting Expectations
  • Schedule Status
  • Scope of Work
    • Construction
    • Quality Assessment
    • Testing and Commissioning
  • Storage Yard Visits
    • Equipment and Materials Status

We can also identify and establish temporary facilities, construction power, storage yards, field trailers, temporary phone lines, clean-up and salvage facilities, temporary fencing, restroom facilities and parking for the duration of the project.

Work Plan Development and/or Review – We develop / review project construction plans that support outage requirements, scheduled outage dates, construction sequences, project component milestone dates and overall project in-service dates. At a minimum and if applicable, the plan will contain:

  • Environmental Health and Safety Assessment
  • Customer Requirements/Constraints
  • Outages Requirements/Constraints
  • Site Layout
  • Construction Sequence
  • Material Handling
  • Material Staging
  • Security Plans/Protocols
  • Outreach Plans to Local Jurisdictions

Electronic Reporting – We can provide electronic reporting capabilities and other required deliverables to clients at specified frequencies, which can include but not be limited to progress on procurement, construction and completions, status of other work activities, and any additional requirements per work scopes.

Site Inspections – We provide complete inspection services,, ranging from safety, O&QA, work methods, materials, construction, commissioning, and testing.  Inspections include retention of all inspection records (e.g., job briefings, job assessments, O & QA records, as-built documents, punch lists, close out inspections).

Schedule Development and/or Review – Master schedules are developed / reviewed for acceptance by the client, and show activities that provide sufficient detail in all areas of work execution (e.g., milestones, key dates, materials procurement, ROW acquisition, engineering, construction, transportation, testing, commissioning, work/unit completions) to enable monitoring and control of the work.

Environmental Compliance – We assure all execution activities are performed in an environmentally compliant manner and follow all agency, governmental, and/or client requirements.  We can provide environmental orientations prior to commencement of work, and will interface with project environmental representatives related to any construction work, as well as prior to the disposal or recycling of materials.  Compliance includes documentation and retention of all compliance plans and work.

Worker/Contractor Assessments/Qualifications – We have extensive experience working with a wide variety of personnel and teams throughout the U.S., additionally, we have established stringent standards for the pre-qualification, evaluation, and selection of resources.

  • We assist in proposal development and resource selection through an evaluation of safety performance, recommendations/references, past work experience, and ability to meet various insurance, minority, or capability requirements.
  • Our experience working with a wide range of minority suppliers provides a competitive edge in producing high-quality, low-cost innovative products and services.
  • We develop training curriculums that support minority firms allowing them to perform more successfully on projects and retain knowledge for future opportunities.
  • We implement targeted outreach strategies to maximize participation.
  • We provide bidding assistance and appropriately size contracts to match business capabilities.