GSW-IS Project/Program Management Services

Owners are concerned with project success from planning to closeout and need to count on timely implementation in a safe and effective manner. GSW Integrated Services can provide project/program manager services under a wide range of project delivery models operating as an independent third party for the owner while assuming responsibility for the entire project. Our professional team possesses the expertise to manage your entire project, from project initiation to project closure.

Capacities: Staff Augmentation, Dedicated On-Site Representation

Our capabilities include:

Project Lifecycle Management (Initiating, Planning, Scheduling, Executing, and Closing) – We review every phase of project design from initiation to closure to ensure that the most efficient means and methods are used in the design and reflected in the cost estimates.  We identify methodologies that improve project economies and verify that materials and construction methods will enhance the value proposition.

We analyze and provide feedback on the following components:

  • Project Initiation / Engineering
  • Design / Constructability Review
  • Right-of-way, Access requirements
  • Safety and Environmental Compliance Assessment
  • Customer Impact Analysis
  • Geotechnical Information
  • Optimal Access Scrutiny
  • Specialized Vehicle Optimization
  • Execution
  • Construction Start-up and Mobilization
  • Installation of Foundations and Anchors
  • Structure Assembly and Erection
  • Conductor Installation
  • Equipment Staging and Installation
  • Project Exit Strategy (Demobilization)

Cost and Schedule Management – Following project initiation, it is important to monitor activities to ensure projects are delivered within established parameters. The right combination of software management tools, project set-up, timely and accurate data input, progress tracking , an effective reporting structure, responsive information management and corrective action planning are all integral elements in delivering a successful project controls system to our clients.

  • With our client and all relevant stakeholders, we develop an overall project work plan that contains a master budget and schedule.
  • We monitor all aspects related to cost and schedule and work closely with team members to coordinate project milestones with engineering and construction.
  • We prepare procedures and documentation and oversee project initiation, planning, scheduling, execution/delivery, and cost and change control.
  • We ensure project controls are consistent and repeatable across multiple, ongoing and large-scale projects.
  • During execution, the project is continually monitored against the baseline to make certain project activities are delivered successfully.
  • Identified changes are continuously assessed to assure we deliver best practices.
  • Schedules will show consistent activities in a user-friendly format that will enable monitoring and control of the work.

Document Control – We deliver data integrity tailored to the client’s needs. This consists of utilization of centralized document sharing systems that provide single-source, on demand information to enable sharing, collaborative workflows and efficiency.

  • We serve as a central point of contact for tracking, reporting and processing communications (e.g., changes from contractors, engineering input)
  • Systems contain a history of project’s progress, (e.g., status reports, correspondence, transmittals, phone and meeting documentation).
  • We offer physical libraries holding hard copies (e.g., agendas, minutes, change orders, issues logs, reports, contracts, project plans, discussion notes and analyses).

Communication Plans – From a commitment to innovation we have found that the value effective communication and cooperation among all stakeholders plays in successful project execution cannot be overstated. From initial constructability reviews, comprehensive project/segment kickoff meetings, detailed weekly progress meetings, to documented on-site management reviews, effective communication and interaction equals success.

  • We establish communication/correspondence plans and procedures that ensure proactive and responsive communications regarding project activities and progress.
  • We utilize centralized document sharing systems to help increase project efficiency and accountability by providing streamlined project communication and documentation.
  • We assure stakeholder interaction by coordinating and overseeing a regular series of meetings on all projects. At a minimum, client/owner meetings will include weekly and monthly progress reviews and a management review and project closeout at completion. At a minimum, meetings with team members, suppliers and subcontractors will include daily job briefings, constructability reviews and monthly status meetings.

Worker/Contractor Assessments/Qualifications- We have extensive experience working with a wide variety of personnel and teams throughout the U.S., additionally, we have established stringent standards for the pre-qualification, evaluation and selection of resources.

  • We assist in proposal development and resource selection through an evaluation of safety performance, recommendations/references, past work experience, and ability to meet various insurance, minority, or capability requirements.
  • Our experience working with a wide range of minority suppliers provides a competitive edge in producing high-quality, low-cost innovative products and services.
  • We develop training curriculums that support minority firms allowing them to perform more successfully on projects and retain knowledge for future opportunities.
  • We implement targeted outreach strategies to maximize participation.
  • We provide bidding assistance and appropriately size contracts to match business capabilities.

Permitting/Licensing – Develop effective rapports with agency contacts to support permits or licenses applications and/or acquisitions.

Landowner/Community Relations – We will support all public outreach activities on an as-needed basis, including but not limited attendance at county meetings, community meetings, landowner meetings, etc.

Procurement – We offer flexible procurement options and materials management capabilities to best meet the needs and preferences of our clients.  We have provided complete materials management on various projects and have outsourced materials management on others. Our ability to plan and control material disbursement significantly increases schedule adherence and cost-effectiveness.

  • Materials management includes procurement, expediting, receipt inspection, storage, and tracking of any lost or damaged equipment or materials. Quality control is involved with these efforts to ensure compliance with engineering/ client standards and schedule/cost control for accurate reporting.
  • We maintain close involvement with engineering and project teams during the design/pre-construction phase to allow approval and release of long-lead items, which helps to maintain schedule integrity and prevent costly delays.

Oversight & Quality Assurance (O & QA) – Our programs encompass all project-related activities, including but not limited to: design assessments, constructability reviews, materials management, execution, and testing and commissioning.

  • We work with clients/owners to develop Quality Control programs that support contract requirements, conformance/non-conformance standards, and Six Sigma / lean methodologies to ensure that all design, construction, equipment, and materials are in strict compliance with all applicable specifications and requirements.

Risk Management – We proactively capture and quantify risks and develop sound management plans that align with the project’s strategic and tactical goals and objectives. Plans include a classification scheme and decision levels, and are developed as part of project initiation.

  • Requirements for ongoing risk management and reporting will be agreed between all Project stakeholders at project initiation, where we will leverage input from all parties.
  • We will establish and implement a risk management system to identify, address and manage safety, health and environment, cost, schedule, quality and other execution risks for the duration of the Project.
  • We participate in risk assessments conducted by other project stakeholders when risk assessments relate to activities for which interfaces exist with the work or where we are involved.

Project Completion/Close-out – Upon final inspection and sign-off of major project deliverables, an internal project closeout meeting is held with key project personnel. Each deliverable undergoes review as soon as possible after delivery, which reduces the effort required for acceptance as the project comes to an end.  It also ensures that any issues with are addressed expeditiously.  Following the submittal of all final deliverables as well as the final close-out meeting, will with notify the client that all work has been completed and the work order can be closed.

Augmented Service Offerings (including, but not limited to)

  • Engineering & Design
  • Construction Management
  • Environmental Compliance Management
  • Surveying
  • Soils Testing
  • Materials Testing
  • Commissioning