Renewable Energy

Our core competency lies in providing a full range of electrical testing and maintenance capabilities for renewable energy facilities. As a subsidiary of MYR Group, an industry-leading electrical contractor, our FOT-certified fiber technicians have performed testing, commissioning and maintenance on many wind farms and solar facilities throughout the U.S. Our experience has encompassed transmission and substation interconnections, collection systems, and battery storage facilities.

General Capabilities: Substation Commissioning; Substation Design; Acceptance and Maintenance Testing; Protective Relay Systems Testing; Oil and SF6 Circuit Breaker Maintenance; Circuit Breaker Testing and Installation; Transformer Testing and Installation; Transformer Oil Processing Services; Insulating Fluids Sample and Analysis; Repair Services; Engineering and System Studies; 70E Arc Flash Studies; Fault Study Simulations; Relay/Protection System StudiesF

Fiber Optics: Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) Pre/Post Testing Fiber, Tier 2 Testing for Attenuation, Losses and Length; Bare Fiber Reel Testing; OPGW Attenuation; Fusion Splices; Fiber Termination; FOA Certified

Infrared Thermography:Drone Infrared Thermography

Corona Scans

Electrical Testing – Relays: Electromechanical; Digital Microprocessor; Relay Settings; Schematics; Protection Scheme Evaluations; End-to-End Testing; Fault SimulationsR

Electrical Testing – Circuit Breakers and Switches: Commissioning; Timing; Travel Analysis

Electrical Testing – Transformers: Power Factor; Sweep Frequency Response Analysis; Leakage Reactance

Electrical Testing – Cables: Partial Discharge Testing; Power Factor; AC/DC Hi-Potential Testing; Very Low Frequency (VLF) Testing; Fault Location

Electrical Testing – SCADA and Communications: Commissioning; Power Line Carrier; Reprogramming; Reliability Tests; Integration and Upgrades; Digital Fault Recorders; Ground Grid Testing; Battery Testing; UPS Acceptance Testing; Digital Fault Recorder (DFR) Set-up

Service and Maintenance: Substations; Oil Handling; Transformers; Circuit Breakers and Switches