GSW-IS Safety Management Services

Safety is the top priority on every project.  Effective and thorough training is a key component in the safe and successful completion of your project. GSW Integrated Services offers extensive development and review of safety plans and training programs, can conduct audits and can augment projects with qualified personnel to support your safety management needs.

Capacities: Staff Augmentation, Dedicated On-Site Representation

Our capabilities include:

Safety Management – Our safety professionals can provide a proven, comprehensive framework for managing safety on your project.  We can provide or review every aspect of safety, and work with clients to develop a culture of safety. We ensure communication and understanding from all team members regarding rules, regulations policies and procedures; monitor performance, and strive for continuous improvement in all activities.

Site-Specific Safety Plans – We work with our clients to develop or review specialized standards, policies, procedures specific to their particular project.  Components include but are not limited to:

  • Emergency Contact List
  • Policy Statement
  • Scope of Work Description
  • Summary of Major Risks
  • Project Organization and Responsibilities
  • Site Requirements
  • Safety Procedures
  • General Safety Rules for Equipment
  • General Hazardous Materials Information
  • Accident Prevention/Reporting Guidelines

Safety Orientation and Training – We can develop or review orientation and training programs to provide your employees with the latest, most comprehensive and accurate information possible.  We understand all aspects of safety orientation and training ranging from instruction to record-keeping.

Safety Meetings – Well-planned meetings distribute important safety information to employees and give them the chance to ask questions and have a voice when it comes to safety. We can conduct a variety of safety meetings ranging from daily safety tailboards to weekly/monthly safety performance meetings, to incident review meetings.

Safety Program Reviews and Audits –  We help clients examine and evaluate whether safety programs and strategies are meeting defined goals.  We measure and collect information about a program’s reliability and effectiveness, look at whether the program is meeting goals, and examine safety training and response efforts.  We compile results and recommendations for improvement.

Incident Investigation and Reporting – Our experts are trained in construction accident, fatality, injury and near miss investigations, understand OSHA, and know how to properly conduct site investigations, perform interviews, and ensure compliance in reporting and recordkeeping in a prompt, thorough and accurate manner.