What Our Customers Have to Say

“During my time as a project manager, I have tried to operate under the simple rule of being fair to the people and teams we work with and for to cultivate good working relationships and secure future work. Because of this, we’re drawn to John Poole and his team at GSW-IS. We first worked with John and the GSW-IS team in early 2018. We were performing three 2MW solar sites, and due to permitting delays the site was significantly behind schedule. We worked from sun up to sun down every day of the week trying to get them done.

The testing on the switchgear and transformers was not captured in anyone’s scope, so the general contractor approached us, asking if we could take care of it. Even though we are an electrical contractor, this scope was beyond our realm.  

The usual firm we enlist could not accommodate the emergency schedule/needs so I reached out to John Poole at GSW-IS, hoping for a miracle. We traded emails and phone calls ensuring he had all the information needed (site drawings, switchgear and transformer wiring diagrams, etc.). In no time at all, John and his team were onsite!

A day or two into testing, John informed me a good portion of the factory wiring was incorrect and was causing issues. I immediately went into damage control mode, knowing I would have to call the general contractor to explain the issue, provide documentation and call outs to every miss wired location, get the manufacturer involved and of course, lose precious time.

Surprisingly, John informed me the problem had been resolved. I was expecting a call indicating that we were stopping work. Instead, it was refreshing to have someone that not only identified the issue but was able to resolve it without question.

After this, I looked forward to Johns calls, it seemed like every time I saw his name pop up on my phone there was another issue I didn’t even know about that was already solved.

And he didn’t just help with this scope of work, John and his team are well-versed in many aspects of electrical work. Soon I was receiving phone calls from my own construction manager and commissioning manager, informing me that John was providing some assistance in other areas of the site as well as passing on helpful tips and tricks. Naturally, I became a fan. When my teams are happy, I am happy.

But John and his team didn’t stop there. We were building a solar site outside of Los Angeles when we discovered an oversight related to fiber termination and testing requirements. I called Aaron Flippin – a member of Johns team with experience in fiber. He was able to fly to California and expeditiously terminate and test the fiber on site.

John and his team have made my life easier! He is one of few whom I would trust to seal an agreement with a handshake. Thank you GSW-IS team!”

Daniel Tennyson, Project Manager,E Light Electric Services, Inc.

“Outsource UCC and GSW-IS partnered on a large-scale power upgrade project in Long Beach, CA for which the timeline and scope were daunting and challenging. GSW-IS stepped right up and provided project management oversight along with procurement support. GSW-IS was timely and extremely supportive of our needs. John Poole and his team have proven time and time again that their primary functions are to safely support and complete each project with the utmost professionalism and quality. Outsource looks forward to partnering with GSW-IS on many more projects moving forward.”

Michael Fuller, Operations Manager Planning & Civil Construction, Outsource UCC

“I highly recommend John Poole and his team at GSW-IS.  You will not find a more committed person to the successful execution of your project.  I’m proud to partner with John!”

Heather Eason, Owner,Select Power Systems

“I worked with John Poole as an administrative assistant for four years. John developed a strong team during this time. No one ever wanted to see anyone fail, so there was a brotherhood of mentoring.  In my years of experience working in an office, the atmosphere under John was the most enjoyable; he has a way of building a team. 

Our office couldn’t have been in better hands, and John didn’t skip a beat.  A customer could call and notify us that we were due on site, and John would pull a group together and get them out to the site to get the work completed. John built strong relationships with our customers, always proving he could provide them with the best.”

Colleen Hess, former Administrative Assistant,Electric Power Systems