GSW Integrated Services, LLC (GSW-IS) provides professional services to electric utilities and private developers throughout the United States. Our experienced team brings expertise in electrical testing and commissioning, project/program management, construction management, environmental health and safety management, and multi-faceted consulting services that successfully deliver electrical construction projects and services.

Our expertise in constructing some of the most notable and challenging electrical infrastructure projects in the country means we are well-positioned to support the unique characteristics and requirements of your project.

Project/program success will be determined not only by our results but also by our ability to integrate successfully within your organization. We aim to form a truly integrated and motivated team where each group’s ideas, systems, and tools develop an optimal collection of best practices for implementation. We ensure our team shares a common vision and a clear understanding of success throughout each phase of project delivery.

GSW-IS will execute projects to the highest degrees of safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness; we will also leave a legacy of fulfilled commitments, best practices and thorough knowledge transferearning your respect and establishing ourselves as good stewards of our customers trust.